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Dear Friend,

If you're interested in taking advantage of a totally NEW way to build your very own list of targeted opt-in subscribers - at absolutely no cost - then listen up!

Unless you've been hiding under a rock somewhere, you're keenly aware that when it comes to success online - "the money is in the list".

Having your own list of opt-in subscribers is like having your own cash-on-demand resource...

Anytime you need MONEY, it's simply a matter of blasting a special offer or product endorsement to your subscribers.  (One 30 minute endorsement letter sent to a responsive list can potentially mean thousands in your pocket.)

A quality opt-in list also represents the ultimate form of FREE, highly targeted web-site traffic...

Any time you need TRAFFIC to your own site, or an affiliate site, it's simply a matter of sending a notice out to your list.

It really is that easy, and that powerful.  Of course, I'm not here to guarantee you're going to "get rich quick", or even that you'll make any money at all. I can't legally guarantee such a thing.

I'm here to provide those already aware of the importance and money-making power of list ownership, with an ingenious NEW way to build a list (or multiple lists - as many as you want in fact) from scratch, OR increase the size and quality of your existing list(s).

"Introducing ListSpawner"

ListSpawner™ is a powerful new list building software (script) that, when combined with a few simple (and common) resources, will enable virtually anyone to begin building an opt-in email list (newsletter or mailing list) almost immediately.

The way ListSpawner™ works is very similar to how your typical affiliate (referral) program works. But instead of referring paying customers, the "affiliate" refers other *subscribers* to YOU in exchange for a free copy of your product or service.

I'm going to provide you with several detailed examples, just to make sure you grasp exactly how ListSpawner™ functions.

Example # 1:   ListSpawner™ enables you to barter the product or service of your choice for "x number of subscribers" rather than cash.

So let's say you have a digital book, called "101 Internet Marketing Tips", that you might normally sell at $37 per copy. (If you don't have rights to your own product, don't worry, I'll cover that a bit later.)

Instead of (or in addition to) selling your book for money, you could barter it for the number of subscribers that you feel it's worth.

So let's say a guy named "Joe" visits your 101 Internet Marketing Tips sales page.  Joe reads that he can get a copy of your ebook in TWO ways.  He could either order it.  OR, he could refer 4 subscribers to you, and in doing so get a copy of your ebook at no cost.

So let's say Joe decides to save himself $37 by choosing to refer the 4 subscribers to you instead.

He would then proceed to sign up for your ListSpawner™ powered subscriber referral program, and upon doing so, he'd receive a special referral link (much like your typical affiliate link) through which he refers others (potential subscribers) to your sales page.

Joe would then advertise the special referral link to his newsletter subscribers, on his web-site, in forums, in his email signature file, etc.

And, once Joe has successfully referred the required number of subscribers to YOU (which would be 4, for the purposes of this example), he would be automatically sent the download link for your 101 Internet Marketing Tips ebook.

So, you end up with 4 subscribers referred by Joe, and Joe ends up with a $37 product!

But wait!  There's more to this than meets the eye...

You see, the people that Joe refers through his referral link (this link is generated by ListSpawner™ automatically by the way), will be subscribing to your newsletter only if *they too* are interested in referring 4 other subscribers so *they too* can receive a copy of your $37 ebook - this is a GOOD thing, because it's what contributes to the incredible viral nature of ListSpawner™.

When Joe refers 4 people, those 4 will simultaneously become your newsletter subscribers AND your ListSpawner™ powered "affiliates" - once again, so that they too can receive your $37 product at no cost by referring 4 others.  And then what happens?  Well, things can multiply exponentially.

If Joe refers 4 subscribers, and each of those refer 4 more (that's 16 subscribers) who each refer 4 more (that's 64 subscribers), who reach refer 4 more (that's 256 subscribers) who each refer 4 more...

Are you beginning to see the RAW VIRAL POWER of ListSpawner™?!

Obviously, this is not a perfect world, and not all your affiliates will successfully refer the required number of subscribers/affiliates (in which case they don't receive your product either).

But even if they referred 2 out of 4 (in the case of the example above), you could still end up with a massive list in very rapid order.

Example # 2:  If you're not quite getting the "full picture" on how ListSpawner™ works, don't worry -  THIS VERY WEB PAGE is a perfect example:  In particular, study our sign up box/form, and pay close attention when you subscribe to our newsletter (and simultaneously become a ListSpawner™ affiliate) below. We'll provide you with the very same (customizable) sign up form for YOUR site, as part of the ListSpawner™ package.

But remember in this case, the "featured product" IS the ListSpawner™ script.  In your case, the featured product will be different (under no circumstances are you allowed to sell or distribute the ListSpawner™ software).

If you're looking for quality digital products and software with resale rights (for use with ListSpawner™), simply search "Google.com" for "resale rights" or "reprint rights" and you're sure to come up with a long list of options.

...You can obtain some very high quality products and even full product packages for as little as $10-50.  Many of these products come with their own sales pages and graphics - ready for you to customize with your name, order link, contact info., and of course ListSpawner™, and then upload to your web space. (Just make sure that you read the resale guidelines - or contact the original product author - to make sure that bartering the product in exchange for subscribers is OK.)

Of course, you're certainly free to use ListSpawner™ in conjunction with your own product creations as well!

"ListSpawner™ Features"

1. ListSpawner™ was designed for all skill levels, from beginner to expert!

2. You can set ListSpawner™ to require any number of subscribers you wish. For example, if you feel your product is "worth" 20 subscribers, you can require that your ListSpawner™ affiliates refer those 20 before automatically receiving the download info. for your product.

If you feel your product is worth 3 subscribers (for a less valuable product), set it at 3. Etc.  This feature basically enables you to set the "price in terms of subscribers rather than dollars" for your featured product.

3. ListSpawner™ includes a step-by-step script installation tutorial. If you'd rather have somebody install ListSpawner™ for you, see our installation option below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are only able to offer customer support to those who order our installation service.  With the exception of those who opt for the paid installation, we offer no guarantees as to the functionality or compatibility of ListSpawner™ with your web hosting service (see web hosting requirements below).

(...We must maintain our "no support" policy due to the fact that ListSpawner™ is offered as a totally free resource - though a paid option is available. The fact is, I was going to use this powerful script solely for my own list building purposes, but decided many others could benefit from it as well.)

"ListSpawner™ Requirements"

In order to use ListSpawner™ you'll need a few basic resources along with your featured digital product or service offer...

1. A Domain name, and Web Hosting.  ListSpawner™ can be used with any web hosting account/service that provides SQL database support, and PHP 4.3 (or above) with PHP mail. If you don't have a suitable web hosting provider already, we will provide you with a quality web hosting recommendation featuring 500 megs of space and 10 gigs of bandwidth for just $4.95 per month.

2. A quality sequential autoresponder service that supports blank email subscribes (such as a free Getresponse.com acount, Aweber.com, FreeAutoBot.com, AutoresponsePlus.com, etc).

"ListSpawner™ Rules"

(Sorry, but it has to be said...)

1. Please note that ListSpawner™ does NOT come with resale rights of any kind, and cannot be sold or distributed by others. Any duplication, sale, or distribution of ListSpawner™ will be pursued and the necessary legal action taken.

2. The ListSpawner™ script and the ListSpawner.com domain name cannot be used in conjunction with SPAM in any way. Anyone caught SPAMMING will be required to terminate all use of ListSpawner™, and any downtime resulting in said SPAM could lead to fees and penalties (and any necessary collections process) to cover both downtime and loss of business.

3. To help monitor proper use of ListSpawner™, we must restrict its use to one domain per user only.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

"ListSpawner™ Installation Now Available!"

ListSpawner™ installation is available (as an option to installing it yourself using the tutorial provided) directly from the developer of the script, for a very reasonable fee. Full details will be provided to all registrants. Please note ListSpawner™ requirements above.

"What's Included!"

All recipients of ListSpawner™ will receive the following:

1. The primary ListSpawner™ script.
2. Customizable sign up form code.  Simply copy and paste the HTML code to your product sales page, and you'll end up with a sign up box (including all text) just like ours below - but with your product name inserted.
3. Step-by-step installation tutorial.
4. Optional installation service.
5. Free surprise bonuses!

"Two Ways to Secure YOUR Copy of ListSpawner™ Software"

If you've carefully read over the information above, and are ready to start building a targeted opt-in subscriber list of your very own with ListSpawner™, you can either:

1. ORDER ListSpawner™ for $37 via our Secure Order Form. (This option is perfect for those who can't wait to get started with ListSpawner™ today!)

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2. OR you can obtain your copy at no cost by first subscribing to our free newsletter below (ListSpawner News), and then referring just 4 other subscribers/affiliates like yourself (ie, people who you feel will benefit from the list building power of  ListSpawner™.

IMPORTANT NOTE: ListSpawner™ includes a step-by-step script installation tutorial. If you'd rather have somebody install ListSpawner™ for you, installation is available for a reasonable fee.  Please note we are only able to offer customer support to those who order the installation service.  With the exception of those who opt for the paid installation, we offer no guarantees as to the functionality or compatibility of ListSpawner™ with your web hosting service (see web hosting requirements above).

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For a limited time, I'm offering YOU the opportunity to secure your copy of List Spawner at absolutely no cost.

It's a simple 2 step process (read both steps carefully before proceeding):

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...This will ALSO generate your own special referral link and private "member page" (which you'll need for the next step).

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After submitting your contact info. below, you'll be automatically redirected to your special member page, where you'll find your special referral link, along with tips and instructions on how to refer others to THIS page (ie, the web-site you're at right now).

Once you've successfully referred just 4 other subscribers/affiliates (people just like you) to this page, your FREE download link (and accompanying information) to List Spawner will be sent to the email address you enter below, and will also appear inside your private member page.

And that's all there is to it!

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